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When student-athletes decide to be a part of our program, they make a personal commitment to strive for excellence in EVERYTHING they do, both on and off the field. This commitment will be called our EXCELLENCE FACTOR. It will be demanded of our coaches, staff, and players in order to excel our program in every aspect. The attention to detail of every responsibility will help us reach our goals. Everyone associated with the program will be treated with respect and expected to treat others in the same manner. The foundation of our program will be built on TRUST and FAITH that will be earned and garnered through hard work. My staff and I will be one hundred percent committed to demanding EXCELLENCE and will settle for nothing less.

In addition to athletic ability, we will recruit student-athletes who exhibit the following qualities that will be the cornerstone of our program:

  • Enthusiasm: The ability to bring positive energy to others around you. Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. If you act enthusiastic you will be enthusiastic. Allow yourself to have fun and supply energy to those around you!
  • Sacrifice: The awareness that individual desires and achievements must be sacrificed to achieve team’s goal. We will make sacrifice in order for the team to succeed. It is an understanding that personal achievements will be accomplished due to the commitment of team goals.
  • Responsibility: The ability to take responsibility and accountability for every action and not to transfer blame onto others. No excuses will be tolerated. We cannot control everything that happens but we can control our reaction to it.
  • Faith: Assuring confidence and believing in our plan and process to get the result or outcome we want. Sometimes in life “seeing is not believing but believing is seeing”. We must be able to foresee our positive future and trust the fact our hard work and efforts will pay off.
  • Trustworthiness: The ability to make others believe in you. We make ourselves and dependable and reliable to count on in any situation. Mistakes will be made but it is a vital part for us to learn from them.
  • Competitiveness: The refusal to fail no matter what the circumstances or obstacles are to overcome. We must learn to compete at everything and anything we do on the field as well as in the classroom. It is a burning desire to succeed and learn from our failures. The relentless approach to strive for improvements each and every single day.